Comogne 2016

By locating it in a mountain pasture in Comogne ( in Valais, Switzerland), this exhibition inspires a real consideration of the area and its original function. In the past, it used to host small herds of cows owned by local families, whereas nowadays these buildings have been transformed into holiday homes for the same families and / or tourists. Rural territory has indeed lost its primary functions in order to become a residential area, a theme park or an open-air museum. From this point of view, the setting up of a Johnny Depp museum in Comogne can be seen as another way of using a specific-site approach based on the reality and function of the region.

A museum and a mausoleum at the same time (Johnny Depp’s hide is exhibited there), the exhibition invites reflection on memories and history as well as they represent. From another perspective, the museum reflects on a variety of artists’ institutional appropriations.

The various rooms in the exhibition shed light on the realities of our present-day system of industrial production of milk and meat for human and animal consumption.

Benoit Antille