Training for the lift

0- Birth (0 – 2 1/2 months)



1 – Detention (2 1/2 months – 1 year)

Langnau b. Reiden/Luzern
“Males mount each other, it’s an instinctive reflex.”
Dr Josef Kneubühler, head of the animal custodian team at Swissgenetics


2- Quarantine (+ 40 days)

Training for the lift
A “calm” young bull blocked between the immobilization bars is mounted by 5 or 6 young bulls.
During the lifting, the penis is directed at an artificial vagina; the color and quality of the ejaculation are checked by the bull supervisor.


3-Sperm production centre (14 – 21 months)

On the 4th day a herdsman leads Johnny Depp into the production room. This is the beginning of his career as a donor.
The he is taken to the apparatus for lifting.